Support Groups

Marble Minders is a monthly meetup that is divided by ages we serve; teen and adults with autism and for caregivers. Each event has a support, social and networking aspect that is tailored to the region, facilitators and attendees at each event. We have launched this successful program for those who know that sometimes we all feel like we’ve “Lost our Marbles”, and we provide a marble for those who attend each event as a physical reminder of the lessons learned each month. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with our friends at the nationally recognized support organization, GRASP, for our groups in the Denver Metro service area and we look forward to the ability to expand this important program.


Sensory Sensitive/Seeking Seeking Inclusion Events

blendability is a chance for those who feel socially isolated or left out of their local communities to feel like a part of the action! Autistics have reported that some are extremely sensitive to sounds, smells, actions, etc. or that they are drawn to sensory input opportunities, such as loud music so they can move their bodies and let the energy out in a safe space. Blendability works with venues to train staff on the basics and blending of autism, abilities and awesomeness that happens at blendability events. These venues agree to training, a private and free event just for autistics, and finally an event with the community in general. This gives autistics a chance to practice their social and life skills learned in a safe space and judgement free zone.


Fusion Five Focus

Education, Employment, Life Skills, Relationships and Transportation.

Go ahead and re-read those five areas. We’ll wait

These areas are our SOLE FOCUS at AutisticFusion. If we stray, we’ve failed. It’s truly that simple and why we value our commitment to teens and adults in these areas to live the most independent and successful life as they deem appropriate.


Educational Workshops & Training

The AutisticFusion model is hands on, participation is encouraged and be prepared to feel engaged and included in the learning process. Autism is such an interesting topic, so why sit through a boring training? We train employer / employee groups, community organizations and anyone interested in learning more about connecting with the autistic world.


Public Policy

At all levels of government, the disability community should have a seat at the table. This is where AutisticFusion comes in. Advocacy with your local representatives is so important to civil rights and inclusive futures for people with disabilities, and most legislators are willing to listen to your point of view! You’ve hired them to represent you. It’s your job to ensure that they know you’re watching! We can teach you how



In order to win the game, you must know the rules of the game, right? Navigating disability systems without instructions could feel like you’ve prepared for a game of chess, but you get to the game and you’re playing Cards Against Humanity….. We choose to avoid surprises if at all possible. At the very least, we try to ensure you know what to expect and how to prepare as best we can!



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