The Board of Directors for AutisticFusion is comprised of six talented and experienced adults in the autism community. Our founding group of compassionate Board of Directors is a collaboration between adults with autism and neurotypicals caregivers. Mikayla Houser is our founding member of the Board. She has executive experience in the disability industry and has consulted with several organizations regarding interim management, fundraising and business development efforts. She is a parent of an autistic adult and is very familiar with the challenges facing our adult population after experiencing autism’s cliff first hand. Additionally, self-advocates include three well known Allies; Michele Newmann, Kent Schassberger and Jane Strauss. And parent/caregiver representation also by Sarah Connell and Angela Kirkpatrick.

This year, we are working to finalize our plans and initiate the solid foundation for Fusion to continue to serve many people impacted by autism well into the future by our actions today. Our bylaws outline our member’s term limits to 2 year terms, up to 3 cycles per member. After this 6 year timeline, the member has the option to reapply for board membership after 12 months. It is also expectation that 100% of our board members participate in our Give / Get policy for giving. Our members are 100% compliant to date.

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