(Noun) a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts

Ever really looked at that definition? What it is to be considered “autistic”? Notice how the words “Weird” or “Scary” or “Challenged” were never used? People (especially high school-ers) should really look, and try to see what it’s like from their shoes.

Colin Ozeki age 17 (in 2016), is the brutally honest autistic senior. He describes his inability to communicate well, and his lacking self-confidence as a challenge to be met, not as a “disability”, just what makes him different, and unique.  That’s how all autistic students, or adults, or children, should view themselves, as unique.



Khan, Yasmeen. “Getting Students With Autism Through High School, To College And Beyond.” NPR, NPR, 18 Dec. 2016,




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Autism Awareness Month – Social Media Cover Photos for YOU!

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Mom’s Group Kicks off this Thursday in Denver

Sometimes we all feel like we’ve “lost our marbles”! You are not alone! Join other Women and Special Needs Moms for an adult night out at Marble Minders.

What to expect at this INTRO EVENT:

6pm – 8pm
La Sandia – Northfield   Denver, CO
New friends! No agenda! Suggested Convo Sparks!
Brief introductions and dinner/drinks bills are on your own.

Marbles Provided!

Stay tuned for Dads Marble Minders AND Teens/Adults with Autism Marble Minders!
If you are a mom or dad with autism or other invisible disability, you are welcome at either group!

Thanks for your interest and please share!!

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Ninjas Wanted

We are looking for a few volunteers to join us as community managers and help to mold the organization that serves autistic teens and adults in your area. Interested? Email for the details!